Sunday, August 12, 2007

They're Making a Movie!

In January, I reviewed a book series on this blog called The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency. Well, Justin just read in the latest issue of The Economist that they're going to make a movie from the first book! According to The Economist, the book series has generated quite a bit of tourism in Botswana, where the books are set. In fact, tourists can even take the "No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency tour" and visit all the locations in the book. Cool! Maybe someday I'll convince Justin to take me there. But I digress. So apparently Botswana was so excited about the tourism from the book series that they're investing heavily in the movie, hoping that will create an even larger draw. It's supposed to open first in Britain in 2008, then if all goes well, it will open worldwide. Then, if that is successful, they'll make more movies. (So far there are 8 books in the series, and he's still writing them.) So I thought that was exciting news.

I hadn't planned on posting on this blog anymore, but this didn't seem to fit on the Moldova blog. So check back here periodically and to see if I have anything else to say! I'm in the middle of a book now that I plan to review on here once I'm done, so hopefully that will entice you to check back in a couple weeks! :)