Saturday, November 28, 2009

Teething: Bad News and Good News

Well, when it comes to the unending teething that's been going on at our house, I have good news and bad news. I'll start with the bad news: ear infection. I'm actually surprised he hasn't had one sooner since he's been teething for so long with all the runny nose going on. But since we were expecting it, we recognized the symptoms right away and took him to the walk-in clinic this morning. She said both of his ears are plugged, but only one is infected yet - we caught it before the other one got infected. So, we're starting the antibiotics and hopefully he'll be back to 100% in no time.

The GOOD news, however, is that 3 of the 4 incisors have FINALLY broken through! I bet #4 will be any minute now too. So once we shake this ear infection, we should be good to go until the 2-year molars! Praise God!!!

Monday, November 23, 2009

18 Months!

I can't believe my big boy is already a full year-and-a-half old! He grows more precious every day, and I mean it. He is so active and ornery, this is the only nice picture we got from our 18-month photo shoot last week. We got some other cute funny-face ones which will be on our Christmas card, so some of you can keep an eye in the mail for those in December.

He's STILL teething - he's been working on his incisors for two full months now, and they're STILL not in! Here he is chewing on the prop at his 18-month photo shoot. The tooth bumps get larger and larger, though, so hopefully we'll have a breakthrough soon!

I waited a couple days to post this update so that I could post his stats from our well visit today.
Weight: 33 lbs, 8 oz (>95%)
Height: 35" (95%)
Head: 19.25" (75%)
So as you can see, he remains large and in charge. I thought this picture I took last week did a good job of demonstrating how tall he his. Poor guy can't even sleep sideways in his crib anymore without his legs dangling out of it!

His vocabulary has absolutely EXPLODED this month. I thought about trying to compile a list of words he could say to post here, but seriously, there are too many to count! He's blowing us away with the way he's starting to communicate verbally. It's awesome!

He's also learning and picking up things so fast! Seriously, this child can count to 10! (Well, he can count from 2 to 10. He has yet to say the number 1.) This video was taken when he first started doing it a few weeks ago, so his numbers are much more intelligible now. But seriously!

I didn't crop off the end of this video because if you hang on until the very end, you can catch him saying the words "All done" along with the sign when he's done with his meal. So big! *Edit: Upon viewing the video after I published the blog, it seems like "Done" got cut off in the uploading. So you just have an extra 9 seconds of looking at my cute boy. You're welcome.

He just in the past couple of days showed us that he has started learning his letters! We were bowled over. He has a little magnetic alphabet set on the refrigerator, and the other day he pulled off the letter F and said, "F." I was like "WHAT?!?!" So I asked him "What letter is this?" and he said "F." No way. Since then, we've discovered that he also knows T, and he sometimes gets S and Z. For real. That's like... reading.

His play has started to become more creative and imaginative. Instead of just holding the car upside down and spinning its wheels, he'll actually scoot it across the floor and say "Vroom." Here he is playing with a little kitchen set I got him.He gets a big kick out of it when I hold the little frying pan over the stove and say "Sizzle, sizzle, sizzle!"

So he is just a laugh a minute, and he's such a loveable, sweet boy! We remain proud of him and are astonished at not only how big, but how grown up he is! Definitely not a baby anymore.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

One Point!

Just had to share this one. Justin and I have been facing off against each other in Fantasy Nascar all year, and he has had the lead for the majority of the season. The final race was today, and I started it behind Justin by 53 points. In today's race, I got 54 more than him. Yep, I won by ONE POINT! (Click the image to see a screen shot of our final scores.)Absolutely unbelievable! I hope my luck is this good in fantasy football!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Grease is the Word

Now that Elias is starting to grow some hair, he is enthralled with it. He's always twirling it in his fingers, and he seems to have a new obsession with grabbing my hair too. Unfortunately, the time he most enjoys grabbing his hair is during mealtimes when his hands are all sticky and greasy and nasty. So instead of just having to wipe his hands and face after a meal, we have to wipe his whole head!On this particular night, we were eating couscous, so it got all over and was really hard to get out of his hair! Oh, for the days when he can use a spoon!!

If you're not using a reader to view my blog, make sure to scroll down - I've done 4 posts today! Trying to catch up! :)

GrandDad's Tractor

When Nana came to visit a few weeks ago, she brought Elias a toy John Deere tractor. He loves it and learned the word "tractor" when she gave it to him. We told him that GrandDad has a tractor, and now whenever he's playing with his tractor, we can hear him jabbering about "Yaya," which is his word for GrandDad. And when you ask him who drives a tractor or who is driving a tractor in a book, he'll always respond with "Yaya!"

Bucket Head

Elias has a little toy bucket that has Optimus Prime on it, and Daddy showed him how to wear it as a hat. So since then he always dumps the toys out and puts it on his head and calls it "hat." Goofy.He also thinks it's really funny to put it on Daddy's head.My two silly boys!

Ta Da!

It is positively shameful how behind I am in blogging. My deepest apologies to the friends and family who use this blog to keep up with us and how Elias is growing! I'm not going to try to post all the videos and pictures from the past MONTH that I haven't been doing a good job of keeping up, but I'll just post a few highlights. Then stay tuned for our 18-month update this weekend!

About a month ago, Elias randomly started doing this big flourish whenever he would take his fork or hand out of his mouth after feeding himself. So I would say "Ta da!" whenever he did that, and he just thought it was hilarious! And he'd start to say "Ta!" on his own. Cute!

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

So Handsome

Nana snapped this picture of Elias in the front yard when she was here a couple weeks ago, and I think it is just SO GOOD! Who needs professional photographers when you've got grandmothers??? Thanks, Nana!

Tuesday, November 03, 2009


My little guy is just growing like crazy and he's getting really tall! With the increased height comes his ability to start climbing on things, and that's now his new obsession. He tries putting his knees on everything to see if he can reach and then climb. Here he is climbing into our entertainment center: (That was soon nipped in the bud, but it was too hilarious not to capture on photo first!)

He also has a little Winnie the Pooh activity table that he is finally just tall enough to climb on, so he tries that one often too. His favorite climbing gym, though, is the couch. (Check out how proud of himself he is in this picture!)He loves to climb on and off the couch, rearrange the pillows, and use them as aids for further climbing. He pushes up the couch cushions to give himself a little lower place to climb up to. Whenever he does that, we say he's in his "spot." Here is a sample video of what he does on the couch. What a goof!

If you remember the disastrous living room from my last blog post, this is that same day - the video shows a bit of how it got that way!

You'll notice that he has pulled one of the couch cushions completely off and put it on the floor in front of the couch. He does this so that he can then stand on it and get an extra inch or two to be able to climb onto the coffee table. Sigh. We even caught him once climbing over the arm of the couch onto the end table! Yep, I'm definitely going to have one of those fearless boys who's not afraid to try anything. I'm definitely going to have to be a praying mommy that he'll survive the early years!!!