Friday, November 11, 2011

Zoo With Nana & Granddad

As I mentioned here, Justin's parents came for a visit shortly after Elias and I returned home from our trip to Atlanta.  Unfortunately, I'm way worse at taking pictures when we're at home than when we're someplace new, so I don't have many pictures of Nana & Granddad's visit.  One thing we did together that I got some great pics of, though, was visit the zoo!
Elias loved this dragon sculpture in the pond.
An otter saying hi to Elias, Granddad, & Nana through the glass.  Elias LOVED this!
We were there in the morning and the tiger must've been hungry for his breakfast, because he was making some loud growling noises!  Elias couldn't decide whether that was terrifying or awesome.
Checking out the elephant
This monkey was by far Elias' favorite part of the zoo.  He was swinging wildly around his pen, and Elias thought that was hilarious!
You can't see it well because of Elias' reflection, but the monkey is right on the other side of the glass from him, walking with its arms in the air.  Elias thought that was so cool!
He really liked these crowned cranes too!
Elias and Daddy went up on the observation deck, and this giraffe got really close!
Even though we don't have more pictures than this, we had such a great time with Nana & Granddad, and we're so thankful they came to visit!!!