Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Bizarre Changes in Food Tastes

So you always hear about how pregnancy totally changes the foods people like/dislike/crave. I wondered what was going to happen with me, and I'm totally surprised so far about how it's been!

1. Sweet Tooth is Gone! Before pregnancy, I had the world's biggest sweet tooth. I could eat anything sweet or chocolate any time of the day or night. Shockingly enough, now it just doesn't sound good. If I do happen to eat some, I do usually enjoy it. But a little bit is enough, and it's very easy for me to overdo it on the sweets now and make myself sick. In fact, the medicine I'm taking to lower my bilirubin levels is a VERY sweet syrup, and some days I actually have to gag it down! I hope the sweet tooth stays gone even after giving birth! That would be great for my diet! :)

2. Just Say No to Raw Veggies! Many of you know that I used to eat salads all the time - LOVED them! My friend Kristy and I would go to Subway every week and I would get a tuna salad, the highlight of my week! Even here in Moldova, before getting pregnant, I would cut up tomatoes and cucumbers and make a salad-type thing every day for lunch. Now I just cannot stand the thought of a raw vegetable. I had to throw away all my leftover tomatoes and cucumbers. Before I get any motherly lectures, I'm eating plenty of cooked vegetables, AND I'm taking my multivitamin. Just don't ask me to eat a salad. Gag!

3. Hand Over the Fries and Nobody Gets Hurt! My strongest cravings have been for warm, salty things - namely, french fries. In fact, twice now I have been moved to tears by my deep longing for McDonald's fries. Is this pathetic or what? Before pregnancy, I really could not tell you the last time I ate a french fry, and even longer ago that I specifically went to a place just to buy some! But they are the joy of my soul now. I'm trying to enjoy them in moderation and find other things that will fill that craving - popcorn is a good one, and cheese toast! Yum!

So those are just the most notable changes in my tastes so far. Weird!!!


Corrie said...

I haven't had any cravings per se, but certain things have sounded SO good to me and other things SO bad!
I enjoyed milk before, but now I love it. I like salty and sweet things that can be mixed together (peanuts, pretzels & m&ms). Oh and on the salty/sweet front...My biggest OCCASIONAL treat is to go to Chic-fil-a and get medium waffle fries and a chocolate milk shake. Yum-yum-yummers!
I'm glad you've revived your blog. It is fun to read of your pregnancy adventures!

Kristy said...

So glad you decided to revive the blog! I like your outlook on parenting/your unborn baby. But even as I type this Price is sitting beside me and smiling and cooing. I CANNOT imagine my life without him now so worrying is something I can't get over!! Anyway, as far as food goes...look out in that 3rd trimester for the sweets craving to come back! I LOVED anything sweet those last few weeks! I cannot believe you don't like raw veggies anymore! So crazy. I miss you so much and I'm going to really enjoy keeping up with you this way. Love you!

Nicki W. said...

how exciting! don't worry, you will want your veggies again soon! i remember gagging at healthy food--what i once loved--and wanting to strangle for some fries! ha! eat whatever the heck you want. i developed a sweet tooth late in pregnancy that never went away. hmmmm...
praying for you :)