Thursday, November 19, 2009

Grease is the Word

Now that Elias is starting to grow some hair, he is enthralled with it. He's always twirling it in his fingers, and he seems to have a new obsession with grabbing my hair too. Unfortunately, the time he most enjoys grabbing his hair is during mealtimes when his hands are all sticky and greasy and nasty. So instead of just having to wipe his hands and face after a meal, we have to wipe his whole head!On this particular night, we were eating couscous, so it got all over and was really hard to get out of his hair! Oh, for the days when he can use a spoon!!

If you're not using a reader to view my blog, make sure to scroll down - I've done 4 posts today! Trying to catch up! :)

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Katie said...

Oh, the spoon won't do any good. He'll then just rub that in his hair instead of the food directly from his fingers. Trust me, I speak from current experience--Carina ate applesauce from a spoon tonight then used the spoon as a "comb." With some applesauce still on the spoon. This happens many times per week with both forks and spoons.