Monday, May 23, 2011

Three Years Old!

My little buddy turned THREE on Saturday!  So proud of my so big boy - he's turning into a little man right before our eyes!  We're having more of a birthMONTH celebration since his birthday party is next weekend.  So the day itself was kind of anticlimactic.  We actually began celebrating early in the month when we saw his name come up on the PBS Kids Club birthday list for the month of May!  (His is the third one down - click to enlarge.)
That was pretty cool seeing his name on the TV - they put up the list every Tuesday and Thursday for the whole month, so we still have a few more chances to glimpse it before birthMONTH is over.

He didn't actually open any presents on his birthday - we like to spread them out so he can appreciate and enjoy each one rather than getting them all at once.  He did open a few cards, and he received one from my Uncle Jim and Aunt Mary that he just LOVED!  He always likes cards that play music or make noise, and this one fit the bill!  He's never seen Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, but he knows the characters.  He just sat and listened to this over and over again for hours!

So thanks to Jim & Mary for knocking it out of the park with the card!  :)

For something special to do on his big day, we blew up our little inflatable pool and went out "swimming" twice that day.  He loved splashing and playing in the water!
Doesn't he just look so BIG??

And speaking of big, we had his 3-year checkup today, and he's still ginormous.
Height: 41.5" (99%)
Weight: 43 lb. (99%)

We've had friends warn us with things like "If your twos weren't very bad, your threes will be!" and "When he turns 3, it'll be like a switch flips and he completely changes!"  And it may be looking like they're right!  Not really - he's still my precious buddy - but he's thrown a few MASSIVE tantrums the past couple days, including at the doctor's office today.  Seriously, all they wanted to do was measure his height, and he FLIPPED OUT.  It took 4 adults to restrain him.  Lord have mercy.

So anyways, we've embarked on the journey of having a preschooler in the house - new phase, new adventures, new developments!  Bring it on!

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