Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Christmas, Part 7: Fun with Cousins

When we visited my parents in Ohio, my sister and her family also came up from Atlanta, and we all stayed there together.  So Elias got to have fun playing with his cousins, Patriot (6) and Azlan (4)!  He's not quite on their level of play, but he enjoyed watching them for sure!  One of the things he most enjoyed watching us all do together was play Wii Bowling.  He just thought that was HILARIOUS!  So here's a video of that:

Whenever the ball would hit the pins, he'd jump up and down and yell "Ta daaa!"  Such excitement!

Another day we went to a local mall to play, and they had a little train ride set up right next to the play area!  (Talk about strategic placement!)  So we certainly couldn't pass up the chance for the boys to ride a train together.

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