Friday, June 17, 2011

Family Fun for Birthday Week

We were blessed to have several family members come into town for Elias' birthday party!  Justin's parents came in a few days before the party, so we were able to spend some really great time with them.  Then my mom came in for the party and stayed a few days after.  We were all so pleased at how well Elias did with them - he's definitely remembering them between visits, and we have fun together!
Cheesing with Granddad
Nana sneaking a hug and kiss!
Rascal stealing Granddad's hat
Playing footsie with Granddad
Elias and Granddad made up a new game where you try to throw the ball into the little hole on the goal's base.  Hey, whatever makes him laugh, right?
Nana & Granddad got him a GeoTrax train set for his birthday - LOVE at first sight!
He LOVES this train set, and he'll play with it for hours at a time!

He has fun getting creative with it, too.  He likes the tunnel the train goes through, and also the crane!  He says the crane is Old Wheezy from Thomas, who sometimes goes crazy.  So here he is playing Crazy Crane with Grandma!

Grandma also brought him a musical birthday card that we had a lot of fun dancing to!
The song is the "Hot Diggity Dog" song from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.
Check out his moves!

We're so thankful to have such a loving and generous family that we have such fun with!

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