Sunday, May 13, 2012

Thankful for Her Legacy

1000 Moms Project
Today in celebration of Mother's Day, I wanted to join in with the One Thousand Moms project and show a little gratitude for my mommy in this public forum. Although I have kinda the best mom in the world, so there are a lot of things to be thankful for, one thing I've been meditating about a lot recently is her legacy that faith, love, and family are more important than material things. (Of course, I'm thankful for BOTH my parents having lived this out, but today we're focusing on Mom!) A few ways she has done this:

- Before I was school age, she took in sewing at home so she could stay home with me instead of going out and getting job, when I know we could've used the money.
- When I was in elementary school, she and Dad both went back to college to finish their degrees in order to pursue their dreams. Looking back, that was like totally insane of them, but I'm proud of them for doing it. Seeing their sacrifice made a big impact on me.
- When I was in college, they sold everything and moved to Poland as missionaries. That is such a huge deal! They quit comfortable jobs that they loved, sold a beautiful house, and left behind their family to follow the Lord in obedience.
- Even after returning to the States, they took jobs (or stayed in jobs!) that were less comfortable, less money, and further away from family, all for the sake of the ministry they were called to.

Seeing where I am today, it's easy to see how watching Mom & Dad's life of making drastic steps of faith and obedience has shaped my worldview as well. Mom, I'm thankful for the way you have shown me with your life that materialism is NOT where fulfillment is found, and that love is not hindered by distance! I love you!

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