Monday, March 26, 2007

Is There No Escape From Basketball?!

...Sadly enough, no. You have to read about it even on my blog. But it'll be a short post! I just wanted to put out a few basketball thoughts from this past week.

1. My worst bracket in a long time. I've made a bracket for March Madness every year since I've been in college, and I usually have eerily good picks. This year, however, it's looking REALLY bad. Only one of my picks for the Final Four actually made it there. I can't help but wonder if it has to do with the fact that previously, I would always just randomly pick a team to win. But now I've been living with a basketball fanatic for 1 1/2 years now, and so I'm picking up more knowledge of the game and teams, and so maybe I was trying to pick based on some actual knowledge instead of just randomness. Next year, I think I'll go back to randomness.

2. Sad for the Big XII. As mentioned above, three of my four Final Four picks didn't make it there. Sadly enough, those three were all from the Big XII - Texas, Texas A&M, and Kansas. What's up with the pitiful Big XII disappointing me?!

3. I don't want anybody but Donovan! As most of you will already have heard elsewhere, Kentucky's basketball coach for the past 10 years, Tubby Smith, resigned last week to take the head coaching position at Minnesota. So, UK is on a massive coach hunt, and Billy Donovan, the coach of the Florida Gators, appeared to be the frontrunner. However, they can't approach him while he's still coaching, and his team is looking good to win the tournament again this year. I got excited at the prospect of getting Donovan for our coach - I think it would be AWESOME and really good for Kentucky basketball. Yesterday, though, the Athletics Director at Florida gave an interview saying that he really didn't think Donovan would take the KY job, and that if it came down to money, Florida would be willing to match whatever Kentucky offered him. So now it's not looking like we'll get Donovan after all, and I'll be so disappointed! I don't want anybody else! So Billy, just come on to Kentucky. What else could you possibly achieve at Florida? We've got all the resources you could ask for... so just come to Kentucky, ok?
Ok, don't freak out. No pressure. Just make the right choice. You could get some more REALLY cool ties with UK colors...

Ok, I'll stop talking about basketball now. Thanks for your patience!


JTapp said...

Wow, babe! A basketball post, I'm impressed!
You answered your own question about the Big 12-- they're pitiful.

John said...

Hey! Billy Donovan is coming to UK! You can take that to the bank! He can't resist having one of the top three jobs in college basketball. I think the Florida AD is just in denial. It is just too painful for him to accept

Ryan said...

I hope y'all get Donovan

I do not like Wright and his fancy suites
I do not like Calipari
I do not want Gillispie to leave I'm rooting for Billy D. as well!

Ryan said...

and yes the Big XII was pitiful this year...very sad

Anonymous said...

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