Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Random Notes of Interest (at least to me...)

1. Who says God doesn't care about the small stuff? OK, so this is totally a little thing, but it sure blessed me this morning. I was running late in getting ready for work, as usual. I was supposed to leave in 5 minutes, and I still had to get dressed and do my hair and makeup! As low maintenance as I am, it still takes me longer than that. So as I was getting dressed, I prayed, "Lord, please let my hair go up right the first time and look even halfway decent." I hadn't dried my hair after showering the night before, so those are the days my hair has to go up instead of trying to do something with the bedhead that results. The way I planned to do my hair today usually looks cute after two or three tries, but very rarely does it work the first time I try to do it. However, I said that prayer and then went in to do my hair. And I tell you what, it practically fixed itself - totally cute the first time! So praise the Lord that He hears our prayers, even when they're over something silly like our hair. :) P.S. I was still late to work, but not AS late as I would've been if I had to do my hair 3 times!

2. Oh, the Madness! In case any of you live under rocks, you may not have noticed that this time of year is the March Madness, The Big Dance, the NCAA College Basketball Tournament, the pinnacle of the year for my Justin. And it really is a madness. I posted extensively about this last year. What's really funny is that this year, I feel more caught up in the madness myself. I still don't really have an interest in watching ALL of the games the way Justin does. I mean, who can really watch 16 games in 2 days and REMEMBER everything that happened in each of them? My husband does. However, I made my little bracket again this year, and it's not doing all that badly. Texas losing hurt me deep, but I think I can still recover. My championship game is Florida vs. A&M. Go Aggies! (Now, I don't want this to be misleading. I picked the Gators to win it all. However, I'd be thrilled down to my toes if the Aggies could pull it out.) So I figure that since there's no way to avoid the madness, I might as well jump in and catch some of it myself. Here's to basketball.

3. Happy Birthday to My Blog! I was bored at work (Who'd have thought that?) the other day and looked back through my archives. I realized that it was March of 2006 that I started blogging! So happy birthday to my blog! I LOVE blogging, and it has been so wonderful to be able to use this as a tool to keep in touch with friends and family who don't live nearby (and even those who do!). One benefit I hadn't anticipated when I started blogging was how well it would chronicle my life even for my own memory. I went back and read all my posts, and it was so much fun taking that walk down memory lane and reading all the things that were on my mind in the past year. Totally fun. So I look forward to my blog being that for me in the future - a way to remember the joys and sorrows of my journey and to share it with my loved ones.


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Hey, the Aggies thank you for your support! WHOOP!

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