Monday, April 16, 2007

Another Owee!

But this time, it's not an Ow-Wii! :) Yesterday, it was a gorgeous, sunny day, so I decided to wash my car. I took it to the quarter wash where you put in the quarters and then wash it yourself. There are several cycles you take it through - rinse, soap, brush, power rinse, spot rinse, wax, etc. So I had soaped and brushed the whole thing, then I was using the power rinse to wash it off. I never realized just how hard that spray really is! As I was rinsing, I saw a spot on the car that wasn't rinsing off, so I reached up with my hand to rub it and see if it would come off. In doing so, however, I accidentally sprayed my hand with the power rinse. OH MY GOODNESS!!!!! I cannot describe how much that hurt! I really thought I was bleeding, it felt like a knife cutting through me. It wasn't bleeding, however, just really red, and I completed my car wash. However, as I drove home I looked again at my hand, which was still red and painful, and I saw that it blistered! Yes, the sheer force of the water hit my hand hard enough to make it blister! Justin claims that I just have sensitive skin, but I tell ya, I'm pretty sure anybody would've been injured by that water. So everyone be careful now that it's car washing season! Don't spray yourself or anyone else you like (You can decide for yourself whether or not to spray the people you don't like...) with the power rinse - it may just "power" your skin right off!!! I've got the blister to prove it!

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