Thursday, April 19, 2007

New Additions!

I wanted to introduce to my blog friends the new additions in my life! First of all, my precious wonderful husband got me a new miniature rose! I don't think I mentioned it here, but some of you may have seen it on Justin's blog - the day after Valentine's Day, I rescued a mini rose from WalMart, but it didn't make it. So I had this dead rose plant outside in a pot, and I just hadn't gotten rid of it yet. But then one day I came home from work and my sweet husband had put a GORGEOUS new mini rose plant in its pot! The colors don't come out in this picture - the new one's blooms are this gorgeous bubble gum pink! I love it! So this pic is of my three little babies. On the left is my first rose that Justin got for me Valentine's Day 2006. We call it our "love plant." (Reference to "How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days" if any of you have seen it.) In the middle is the one that a church member gave me last April because I work there. Then the sweet new baby is on the right. My precious baby roses! These take the place of pets in my life. :)

Then my other new addition is a blue beta fish on my desk at work! Let me tell you the story. I mentioned Richard, our building superintendent at work, in my post about the baby killdeer. So last Friday I was discussing with him how I did go and save that baby bird, and the topic turned to tender hearts toward animals. Then he told me that he and his wife had a pet fish at home, and his wife got tired of taking care of it, so she told him to flush it! This fish had been his pet for more than 2 years, so he couldn't bring himself to do it. So I told him to bring it to work and I'd keep it on my desk. So come Monday, there was a sweet beta fish on my desk! (This picture is not him, but this is what he looks like!) He's way more active than a beta I had before I got married, and he's BIG too! So he's cute and fun, he keeps me company at my desk and we talk. It's good. This sweet fish, however, doesn't have a name! I've been calling him Fishie, and he likes that. But he should still have a proper name! So does anybody have any suggestions?!

So these are the two new loves of my life. Yay!


John said...

I think that since the two of you talk together you should call him "Mister Ed" in honor of the famous talking horse.

By the way, how's your hand?

Corrie said...

Oh dear! Did we kill the rose that died when we rose-sat for you? I hope not! Didn't we keep more than one? Okay so maybe it just died of natural causes?!?!

Jessica said...

I really like the name Isaiah. I wanted to name our second son Isaiah, but Matt said no. Then I tried to get some of our friends to name their son Isaiah, but they named him Silas instead. If you named your fish Isaiah, at least someone would have this name I like so much.

Joni said...

Thanks for the suggestions, folks! I'll take all of them into consideration...

No, Corrie! You didn't kill the rose plant! I don't think we even had it yet when you took care of our roses... But this one died because of its traumatic first week - it's the one whose pot got stolen and we found it laying on the ground where it had been all day. The poor thing just didn't have a chance.

Dad, my hand is fine, but I do still have a red scar... We'll see if it ever goes away!