Monday, November 24, 2008

So Big!

Here are my precious boy's stats from today's checkup:

Weight: 19 lbs, 5 oz (75%)
Height: 28" (90%)
Head: 17" (25%)

So he's growing so big! He's no longer perfectly symmetrical, but that's ok. ;) He has now more than doubled his birth weight, which I think is impressive for a baby who weighed as much as he did at birth! And he's so tall!

The doctors and nurses were all impressed with how happy and active he was. Several of them made comments about how smiley and excited he was. I'm so thankful for such a healthy, happy boy!


Charity said...

Yay, Elias! I still can't figure out who he looks like... you or Justin. :) But anyways, I'm glad he's healthy and happy (and sooo stinkin' cute)!!

KarenD said...

Wow, um, yeah. So except for the head, you beat us, and Ian is 3 months older! (When you posted a while back about Eli's solids, I don't think Ian eats that much, either.) Totally NOT playing the comparison game or anything because I hate that... but isn't it interesting how different babies are?

Katie said...

What a big, healthy boy you have there! Interesting, though, that Carina was nearly 3 pounds lighter than Elias at her 6-month checkup but was also in the 75th percentile. Different charts, perhaps? Boys vs. girls? Or maybe my doc's office doesn't put breastfed babies on the same charts as formula-fed ones. I don't know. Either way, glad to see Elias is growing so well!