Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Sports Fan

Both Justin and I are sports fans, so it's pretty likely that Elias is also going to like sports, and hopefully he'll play several when he's older. He seems to be having trouble, though, so far, picking a sport and team to root for...

First and foremost, he's a NASCAR fan, and thanks to his daddy, he roots for Jimmie Johnson.
That turned out to be a good choice, since Jimmie took the title this year, for the third year in a row. This, however, is where things get a little more confusing for him.

Our friend, Tanya, who lives in St. Louis, gave him these St. Louis Cardinals pajamas. Justin and I aren't big baseball fans, so sure - Elias can be a Cards fan!

However, when my Uncle Jim, a Cubs fan, saw this, he said no way. So he sent Elias this cute Chicago Cubs overalls set. The outfit didn't get here in time to help the Cubs this season, though... Sorry, Uncle Jim!

THEN, my parents, who live in Cincinnati, came to visit, and they brought him this Cincinnati Bengals outfit! I can't say the Bengals is the best team in the NFL to root for, but the Bengals did get their first win of the season the week Elias got this outfit. So maybe all they needed was Elias rooting for them? *Side note: Isn't he so cute in those shoes?! I've never put shoes on him, because I didn't really see the point before he starts walking... But we have several pairs that were handed down from his cousins, so today I tried this pair on him just to see if they fit... Perfect! And they go really well with the outfit. :)

So is it NASCAR? Baseball? Football? Jimmie? Cards? Cubs? Bengals???? Oh my. The REALLY sad thing is that Elias doesn't have ANY Kentucky Wildcats stuff, which is the one team Justin and I agree on rooting for! So if anybody in the Kentucky area is looking for an idea of something to give Elias... UK clothes, size 12 month or larger! ;)

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Kristy said...

Oh my goodness! How cute is he in that little wind suit? He's getting so big, Joni!! Oh, did you get my email?