Friday, July 24, 2009

14 Months!

I'm a few days late with our 14 month update, but it turns out to be fitting to post a developmental update today because
He's been cruising confidently for a while now, but I didn't think he was even close to walking unassisted. But when Justin got him out of his crib in the afternoon, he said that he stood up on the far side and then walked across to Justin all by himself! I was so sad that I missed it! So I stood him up at the couch, then I knelt down a couple feet away and said "Walk to Mama!" and he did! Just turned right around and took 2 or 3 steps to me! It's not like he's walking yet, it's more like flinging himself forward and managing to get a foot under him once or twice before he falls... But it's exciting and I'm so proud of my boy!

He's growing up so fast, and we continue to be so proud of him! He is such a sunny, happy boy - it never fails that we get at least 5 comments from admiring strangers every time we leave the house! I just burst with love and pride over how wonderful he is - sometimes it brings tears to my eyes how much I love this child. I never imagined how strongly motherhood would make me feel toward that little person.

He's making so many developments, turning into a little boy! I already did a post about his talking here; it seems like every day he learns a new word or can answer a new question!

Peek-a-boo is his FAVORITE thing to do! He's gotten to where he'll initiate it and do it himself - hiding behind the couch or a pillow, or even just covering his eyes with his hands. He thinks it's a hilarious game and can play forever! In the past few days, he's also starting playing when Justin or I are sitting on the floor with him. He'll crawl around behind us, pull up so he's standing directly behind us and then start giggling. That means he wants us to ask "Where's Elias?" and then he'll walk around until we can see him and start to laugh. So cute! This is a picture of him playing Peek-a-boo with me behind the kitchen counter while I'm making dinner!
He's still SO big and tall! He can reach doorknobs now, so it's only a matter of time before he can't be contained. I'm really not sure I'm excited about that day coming - I think I'm in BIIIIIG trouble.He's definitely getting a mind of his own, so we've entered into the world of discipline this month, which is a challenge. He definitely pushes boundaries and tests us, so we're trying our best to be consistent, praying for wisdom in teaching him right!But he is such a joy, he fills our home with laughter! We are so thankful for this sweet, sweet child.


Jan said...

Boy, I need to do a lot more "childproofing" around here before you come. I can hardly wait!

Look at that wonderful, cute, big boy! He is growing so fast. Daddy was wondering if Elias might walk while he's here. I guess maybe he will!

Looking so forward to giving great big hugs to both of you.

Katie said...

Wow, he can already reach doorknobs? I thought Carina was tall for her age, and she can't reach more than just the bottom of them.

And big yea for walking! After C took her first wobbly steps, it was about another 4 weeks before she was walking consistently. She just gradually stood alone for longer and longer periods of time and pieced together more and more steps until one day she it. So you may still have a little time to enjoy before Elias tears it all up. ;)

Mollie said...

He is so precious, Joni!