Sunday, July 19, 2009

What Did You Say?

Elias is really starting to get vocal! He's saying words and he clearly knows what they mean. This is AWESOME for us, since we're starting the adventure of communicating with him. Here are a couple videos we took this week of him talking:

He just jabbers away when he's in his high chair, and I first started taking this video because he was saying "Nana," which we hadn't caught on video yet for his Nana to hear. However, he just kept talking, and so I kept filming!

We got a pretty good display of the animal sounds he can make, although I forgot to ask him what a lion says. That one's cute, so hopefully we'll catch it soon. For the fish, we pucker our lips and make a fishy face. He thinks it's hilarious and he usually opens and closes his mouth even though he hasn't figured out how to pucker yet.

Every night before bed, Elias drinks a bottle or sippy of milk and we sit in his rocking chair and look at pictures of family. He's starting to recognize them and say their names!

He first said Nana a couple weeks ago, and he's said Jessica once before, but this is the first time he's attempted to say GrandDad ("Ya-Da" here). I'm hoping he'll say something like Grandma and Grandpa before we go visit them in two weeks! As funny as it is that he kept saying Dada when I wanted him to say Mama, it got worse later. We were looking at a different picture, and I said "Do you see Mama?" and he started panting and barked like a dog!! What the heck? Moms don't get no respect.

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Jessica said...

I love the way he plays to the camera! He's a showman!

And that's the most adorable "Jessica" I've heard. I wonder if he'll be able to say it as me when he sees me.