Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Big Boy at the Table

In the past couple weeks, Elias has become really good at climbing on and off the dining room chairs, and he loves to do it! He'll climb up and just sit there and read a book or whatever. So one day when it was snack time, I just put his bib on him and gave him his snack at the table instead of in his high chair. He did pretty well!

Right after I stopped filming this video, though, he climbed down and went to his high chair, so I guess he's not quite ready to eat at the table yet. Maybe we'll try a booster seat soon, though!


Katie said...

Wow, I'm amazed at how tall he is at the table. Even with being tall for her age, C looks kind of short just sitting in a regular chair at the table. Maybe ours is higher up? We occasionally do a quick snack without the booster chair, but it'll be a long time before she's tall enough to go without it.

Charity said...

oh my stinkin' goodness!! how cute is that face when he grins so big?!!? yay, elias! "do" misses you!