Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Lookin' Rough

Here's my buddy boy this morning (Click to enlarge.):The pics aren't great, but you can see how his eyes are red and puffy, and you can see the red welts on his neck. (And you can also see that he needs a haircut! Yikes!) His ears are looking much better today, and the hives on his trunk are mostly gone - just red but not swollen anymore. So we're making progress! Please continue to pray for a good recovery and wisdom in caring for him!


Jan said...

How is our precious guy doing today? Better, I hope?

Jackie said...

glad he is doing better! I had heard the same thing about not reacting adversely to something till the second time around. Weird that he made it almost 10 days without reaction! Luckily there are lots of other antibiotics out there so he can be given something else when the need arises. I am allergic to penicillin but it has never been a problem. It's the food allergies that really stink!
Oh- and the book destruction is funny and hits close to home. We have all the bindings broken because of Jacob standing on his books and bending them the wrong way!