Wednesday, December 08, 2010

100 Hoops

Justin is absolutely awesome at finding fantastic yard sale deals on toys for Elias.  One of his home runs was a toy called 100 Hoops, an electronic basketball hoop that combines basketball with learning how to count.  It has several different settings, but one of our favorites is where each shot earns 10 points, so you learn to count by tens to 100.  Here is Elias playing it:

You'll notice, of course, that Elias cheats and just pushes the button in the net instead of actually putting the ball through.  Ah well, at least he's learning to count the higher numbers!!! 

At one point, you'll hear him ask me to "Put it up."  We hang it on a higher hinge and I lift him up for each shot.  That's fun, but Mommy can only lift her 40-pound boy that high so many times!!!

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