Saturday, December 11, 2010


There are so many cute things that Elias says, and I don't want to forget them when he's all grown up and talking like a Rhodes Scholar! So I'm going to make a list of the ones I can think of to capture them for posterity:

- He has a toy cell phone, and he combines "telephone" and "cell phone" to call it a "cellephone."
- He pronounces "Thank you" like "Gank you."
- Just like his mommy, he loves getting out and about each day - we both hate being stuck inside.  So every morning about 10:00, he'll start asking to "Get in the car, go bye-bye!"  We've usually always left for our daily errands by then, so it's rough on days we don't have anything to do!
- He loves to go with me to do the grocery shopping, and every day when we're getting ready to leave the house, he asks if we can go "Do some shoppin's." I confess, I taught him the word "shoppin's" - I didn't realize it would stick!
- He likes to cuddle, and when he wants to be held, he comes to us and says "Hold ya, please!" We're trying to get across the concept that it's "Hold ya," when we say it to him, but it's "Hold me," when he says it to us!
- As noted above, he refers to everyone in the third person, including himself. He calls himself "Elias John," which I think is precious. I've realized, though, that I model to him talking in the third person all the time, so instead of saying "Mommy loves you," I need to start saying "I love you."
- Both Justin and I have mentioned it before, but he sometimes calls Justin "Captain D's." We have no idea why.
- When asked "How are you?" he often replies "So big."  This always gets a big laugh, so I'm sure it encourages him to keep doing it!
- He's taken to spouting out some of the phrases he always hears us say to him.  Some of the ones that make me laugh the most are "Be careful!" "Don't touch!" and "Thanks for being patient, buddy."
- Speaking of patience, he knows every word to the old Kid's Praise song "Have patience."  (Remember the old Music Machine album??  To listen to the fruits of the Spirit section, go here.  Skip to about 0:41 to hear just the Herbert the Snail patience part.)  So whenever he starts fussing because we're not doing something fast enough, I'll say "Be patient!" and he'll automatically start singing the song!
- He's starting to learn opposites like on/off, up/down, etc. but he hasn't quite figured out exactly how to word things.  For example, when he's riding on Daddy's shoulders and wants to get down, he'll say "Daddy's shoulders off, please."  And today he asked Justin "Window off, please" when he wanted Justin to shut the blinds.
- He is very polite, though, and almost always says "please" when he's making a request!

I'm sure there are plenty more, but I've been slowly adding to this list for a couple weeks, and it's time to post it!  I'll begin another post with any new ones I think of.

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