Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Walking Buster Doggie

Elias loves his Pound Puppy named Buster, and he enjoys an Elmo's World episode where Mr. Noodle shows us how to walk a dog. So I decided Elias might have fun if I tie a shoestring to Buster's collar and we take him for a walk. He loved it! It cracks me up when he says "This way!" to Buster, and you'll notice how "gentle" he is when petting his dog... This is (only in part) why we don't have a real dog.

He got a little tangled up there at the end, but I was proud of him for figuring out how to get out himself.

Side note about Buster: That Pound Puppy used to be Justin's when he was young!  Sweet family heirloom.  His name wasn't Buster until recently - Elias named him Buster after the little brown dog in the Boz the Bear show.

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Justin D. Tapp said...

Should be noted that Buster belonged to Elias' dad when he was very young. (His name wasn't Buster back then).