Friday, February 11, 2011

First Snow

This winter has been absolutely insane when it comes to snow and weather!  We are truly blessed, however, that God has kept us safe and warm, and provided us with some sweet family time together when the weather outside is frightful!  Our first big snow hit mid-January, and it was accompanied by sub-zero temperatures.  Sooo, I waited to take Elias out in it until like the 4th day after it hit, when the sun came back out and it was warm enough to stand being out there!  (Note: Remember this is the girl who was comfortable living in the West African DESERT for 2 years - I'm not a big fan of cold.)  Elias REALLY enjoyed playing in the snow, though, and Daddy had fun throwing snowballs with him!
It may look here like Elias and Daddy are building a snowman together.  But what is really happening is Daddy is building a snowman and Elias is crushing it as soon as Daddy gets anything built.  Ah well.  The point is to have fun together, and that was definitely achieved!

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