Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Kitty Cat Love

After Christmas, I wrote about the toy cat named Mrs. B that Elias received as a gift and loved so much.  Well, seriously, his affection deepens every day!  We continue to be amazed at how much he love, love, loves this cat!  I said in that previous post that we weren't going to let him sleep with her.  Well, at that point, he really didn't mind telling her goodnight and leaving her behind.  However, it began to cause him serious emotional distress to let her go at night, so we decided that battle wasn't worth fighting.  So he sleeps with his kitty, both at naptime and at night.  You can see her cuddled in his arm in this picture:

In fact, he's pretty much inseparable from her all the time.  She goes with us to the store, to the library, everywhere.  We don't let him take her into church because we know the other kids in childcare might want to touch her, and that would pretty much be the end of the world.  Not going to subject a poor volunteer worker to that!!!

He's really getting into imaginative play these days, and so he "speaks" for her often.  He meows pretty much nonstop, and sometimes he translates (or wants us to translate) what he thinks she's saying.  Tonight we were playing with his plastic bowling pins, and he set her up so she could watch him bowl.  Then, when he got a strike, he would say in a high-pitched voice "Meow!  Good bowling, Elias!"  HA HA HA!

He'll also have her participate in dancing or jumping or whatever activity is going on.  At the library this week, she came in with us, and she participated by clapping and dancing at appropriate times during the songs.  Then today we were watching Diego, and he had Mrs. B jump along with Baby Jaguar.

So he grows deeper and deeper in love with his kitty every day - Justin and I just crack up at the stuff he comes up with!  I think we'll definitely have to invest in a backup kitty, though, in case anything ever happens to the love of his life!

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