Saturday, November 03, 2007

12 WEEKS!!!!!

Yippee!!! Today makes 12 weeks, and I am THRILLED to have reached this milestone! We went to the doctor on Wednesday for another sonogram, and the baby is beautiful and wonderful and perfect so far!We got to see its little hands, its perfectly-formed little skull, and its graceful dance moves! I'm shocked at how much it's already moving in there, when I can't feel a thing! I hope it calms down once I can start to feel it... Yeah, right.

When I sent an email to my family with the update on Wednesday, I told them that I was starting to feel better as far as nausea and fatigue go. Well, the baby must've just been faking me out, because I've felt really cruddy the last couple of days! I think the nausea is worst when I get hungry, but I feel like a person can only eat so much! I mean, come on! So I try to keep myself feeling good without making a gigantic pig of myself. It's a fine line to walk. :) And I'm still taking 1-2 hour naps every day... Have I mentioned how glad I am to be in Moldova where that is possible in my life?! I didn't get a nap yesterday, and I was a beast by dinnertime! Poor Justin didn't know what to do with me. Hopefully this will all get better soon! Second trimester, here I come!


Jessica said...

I'm so happy that you've reached such a milestone and Baby Tapp is healthy and strong. What a blessing!

To help my sickness, I had to eat 4-5 little meals a day, and I had to stay on an eating schedule. Often, just a piece of fruit or toast with peanut butter would make me feel better for a few hours.

Hope you are much improved soon! (Don't know what to tell Justin about "The Beast" -- at Kings Island we just enjoy the ride.)

Charity said...

yippee! sooo glad for you! love and miss you tons!

Adrielle said...

Hey, Joni!!! I love the pregnancy updates!! We're expecting baby #2 late May, so I'm right there with you!!! Isn't pregnancy strange? I tell people it's like a temporary alien invasion!! Anyway, take care! I look forward to seeing you again at Highland soon!!

Joni said...

Adrielle, that is awesome! Congratulations on your good news! I wish I was there to share this time with you - it would be nice to have a pregnancy "buddy." :) I'm glad to hear from you, and we do hope to make it back down to Waco at least for a visit sometime!