Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Goodbye, Nausea! Hello, Energy!

At least that's what I'm hoping will happen now that I'm officially in my second trimester! Yippeeee! The nausea is mostly gone already - I just have my moments, usually when I get too hungry right before bed. The energy, though, is definitely dawdling in making a comeback. I'm STILL taking a nap every day! Geez! Of course, if I had a lot to do, I'm sure I'd be able to make it without the naps.

So I was reading on AmericanBaby.com about finding out the gender of your baby (which we do plan to do at our next sonogram in the beginning of January). I noticed a little link on the side that said something like "Don't want to wait to find out the gender? Check the Ancient Chinese Birth Chart that will predict with 93% accuracy what you'll be having!" So out of curiosity, I clicked on it. It took me to this page, where the introduction says:
"Legend says that a Chinese birth chart (supposedly predicting the gender of a baby with 93 percent accuracy!) was buried in a tomb near Beijing for almost 700 years. The original is now at the Beijing Institute of Science."
You click on how old you were at the time of conception, then the month you conceived, and it tells you what, according to the Ancient Chinese Birth Chart, you'll be having. So I clicked that my age was 25-31, then on the month of August. It came up with this little chart:
Great! It says that 27-year-olds who conceive in the month of August will be having a GIRL! So it'll be interesting to see if that's right. But THEN, if you scroll down, it says "Based on your age, here is the likelihood that you're having a boy or a girl," and then it has this graphic:
Um, wow. So it's telling me that it's 93% likely that my chances are 50/50 of having a boy or a girl. Gee, thanks. How did they even pick Girl for the first chart if the chances are only 50/50 on the second chart? I'm confused.

So I just wanted to know if any of my readers have ever heard of this before. For those of you that have kids, out of curiosity, will you go to the site and see what the chart predicted you would have based on the month you conceived and your age at conception? I'm interested to see if it's ever right.


JTapp said...

Simple. 93% of the time, it works every time.

Nick said...


My wife Ashlee is pregnant and she looked at this Chinese zodiac thing as well -- on two different web sites. Each of which gave her different genders.

Oh well, it sounds about like all the other old wive's tales predicting what you will have. I keep hearing crazy things about needles and thread, the baby being carried high or low, spread out or bunched together, and Ashlee's latest theory of determining if her appetite changes are more "manly" or not. :-)

Glad to hear you're feeling better. Ashlee finally got there, but not as soon as the first tri- ended.

Kristy said...

Well I went to the site and it said I would have a boy...and obviously I did. But when I was pregnant I went to several sites and got the same answer that the guy above did. One said boy, one said girl. I have always heard people have good results with the pencil test. Google it but its where you hang a pencil on a string over your wrist...depending on which way it goes that is the gender you will have. Who knows! But it's fun to play games like that since you can't find out until January!!

Jessica said...

I checked the chart for both boys and it was right. Who knows?

Patriot tells me lots of random stories. The other day, he was telling me about playing with Christy. We don't know anyone named Christy, so I asked who that was. He said it was his cousin. If he's prophetic, you're having a girl and naming her after your middle name.

Anonymous said...

The Chineese Gender Chart was right for us and for my sister - and also for my Mom - on all the children. It was wrong for my friend April, though. Some people say it's based on what you crave. Salty foods and meats are supposedly a boy (true with me) and sweets are girls. Can't wait to find out!!!!


Joni said...

Nick, that is GREAT news - congratulations to you and Ashlee! I did have someone tell me that since my appetite has gotten kind of finicky since being pregnant, that it must be a girl, since boys aren't usually finicky eaters... :)

Jessica, that's bizarre about Patriot. Even if we do have a girl, the changes are pretty much zero we're going to name her Christy. Maybe Daniel and Ashley are going to give him a cousin Christy...

Jill, if the salty cravings mean a boy, that's DEFINITELY what I'm having. I can't get enough of the rich, salty foods!

Jessica said...

Well, yesterday we were looking at your sonogram pic and I was telling Patriot that was his new baby cousin growing inside Aunt Joni's belly. I asked him what he thought the baby's name was, hoping to confirm this was who he was talking about.

He said, "John" without a moments hesitation.

Me: Well, what if the baby is a girl?

Him: It isn't. It's a boy and his name is John.

So there's that for you.

Joni said...

Whoa! Scary that he's so confident! Ask him who's going to win the Super Bowl and then let me know... :)

Jessica said...

He said Carson Palmer and Chad Johnson were going to win the Super Bowl. I'm doubting his ability to see into the future.