Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Bling My Crib

Now that we're less than 3 months away from Eli's expected arrival, we decided it's time to start getting the things we need for him! We've made some online registries because so many of our friends and family are too far away to be able to come to any showers for us. We are not trying to be presumptive at all, and we don't want anyone to feel any obligation to buy us anything!!!! But IF you would like to get something for our sweet boy, here are 2 ways to do it. The links should take you directly to our registry pages. Let me know if you have trouble.

Nurtured Family

We are planning on cloth diapering, so this is our registry for diapers and diapering accessories. From this site, you can choose to have things shipped directly to us if you'd like.


For all the rest of our things, we have registered at WalMart. We had originally planned on doing BabiesRUs too, but there was nothing at BRU that we couldn't get for cheaper at WalMart. So hopefully none of you are offended that WalMart is our only other option. This site has a neat feature where you can order an item online and pay for it online, but then have it shipped to a WalMart store for free. So you can just choose "Site to Store" as your shipping option, and then have it shipped to our nearest WalMart store (Oak Ridge, Tennessee), and we can go pick it up. Make sure to list either Justin or me as a person who can pick the item up, and then just let us know to go get it!

We are very blessed to have two sisters who (claim they) are both done having kids, and they are passing on a lot of their great baby stuff to us! So if you look at our registries and think there's something essential we didn't register for, we probably already have it thanks to our generous family. Feel free to ask me if there's something you think we just can't live without. :)

I'll put links to these registries in my side bar, too, for future reference. Thanks, everybody!


RSK said...

Hey Tapps!! Thought I would drop a quick line since I hadn't said hey in a while. Jones, you look fabulous!! We're doing the cloth diaper thing as well, and the bum genius one sizer is THE way to go. We have tried a couple of other types, and they are good, but that is by far the best. I'm excited for you guys, keep me posted

Joni said...

Shawn, thanks so much for posting that comment about the bumGenius diapers! We were kinda stepping out on a limb by picking those ones, since we didn't know anybody personally who had used them. I have several friends who use cloth, but they all use FuzziBunz. The one sizes just made more sense to me, and I'm so thrilled that you can recommend them! THANKS!!!