Monday, February 04, 2008

Another Ultrasound!

We went to the doctor today and got another ultrasound! These pictures aren't as good as the ones we got in Moldova, but it was a fun experience to get an American ultrasound. We got to see a lot more of the baby, and we could actually understand her explaining what we were looking at - his perfect little arms and legs and heart and belly... Awwwww! These are 2 of the pictures we got today. (Click to enlarge.) The first is his head, and the second is his little leg and foot captured in the act of kicking me in the gut (he's kicking upwards, toward the top of the picture). The third picture we got supposedly shows us more evidence that he's a boy, although we couldn't figure out what was what in the photo. Just in case someone else could tell, though, I didn't post the pic in order to maintain my son's privacy. :)

I asked about the due date, and she said that they don't change due dates based on how big the baby is measuring. So our due date is still May 17th. However, he's measuring about 2 weeks big right now, so he may be coming early! She said he weighs about 2 lbs. 3 oz. now! I am so excited about our precious, perfect little baby!

He is currently head down, which is why I'm feeling a lot of kicks in the upper part of my belly. In fact, I felt my first rib kick today while we were in the waiting room at the doctor! I can't believe he's already big enough to be kicking me in the ribs... That's going to HURT when he's 10+ weeks bigger and my ribs are still in the same place! But my precious boy is worth it!

I go back Wednesday morning for bloodwork and an "interview" with the nurse, whatever that means. I'm just glad to be getting the ball rolling with American health care! :)


Charity said...

So glad he's doing well! Thanks for the pics... Ultrasound pics are just so cool. :)

Jessica said...

What a good boy ... Keep getting lots of rest and take good care of yourself.

Mom said...

So wonderful to see how Eli's developing and getting stronger. Rib kicks are good.....means he's growing! Thanks for the pictures.

Ryan said...

We'rre so excited fo ryou guys!