Wednesday, February 06, 2008

More Good News!

I went to the doctor this morning for some routine blood tests, and they unexpectedly decided to go ahead and do my Glucose Tolerance Test too! I'm kinda glad to have it sprung on me, or else I probably would've been dreading it. This is the test where you drink the REALLY sweet drink, and then they test your blood sugar level an hour later to see how well your body absorbed the glucose. Well, I am thrilled to say that I passed with flying colors. (My blood sugar was 61 after the hour... Isn't that low?) But it sure wasn't easy! I've heard horror stories about how gross the drink is and how tough it is for the hour. Well, I actually enjoyed the orange-flavored drink... Tasted just like Orange Crush to me. Of course, it's been years since I've drunk Orange Crush, but that's how I remember it... But then the next hour wasn't all sunshine and daisies. About 45 minutes after I had drunk the stuff, I got really hot, started sweating, and even got a little dizzy like I was going to pass out! Thankfully, that only lasted about 5-10 minutes, but I'm sure the rest of the ladies in the waiting room thought I was seriously unhealthy... :) But I was fine by the time I went back for the finger prick, and my blood sugar was great! So I am very thrilled! Our little bean is going to be big enough on his own without having to worry about gestational diabetes!

I'm also very pleased that my blood pressure was great too. My hands have been pretty swollen, and that's one sign of preeclampsia, but thankfully that's not it yet! I guess gaining all this weight could be making my hands swell too! :) So although there isn't a medical problem making me swell, I've been kinda nervous about how tight my rings have been getting. I'd hate to be one of those ladies that has to have their rings cut off! At the same time, though, I can't stand the thought of not wearing a ring! So last night I broke down and bought a larger cheapo ring at WalMart. It was just $13 for sterling silver, and I think it's actually pretty cute. So now my real wedding rings are safely tucked away, and I'll be wearing this one until my hands return to their normal size.


Corrie said...

The day I was able to put my REAL wedding rings and of course my Aggie ring back on was a day of celebration at my house! It was just last weekend and it felt GREAT! Glad you survived the glucose test! Did they make you drink the orange stuff in 2 minutes? That is what was hard/bad for me. Guzzling it made me feel sick!

Andrew's Mommy said...

I remember having to take my rings off and I CRIED for awhile b/c I missed them. I asked Mickey to tell me that I wasn't being a bad wife or anything but that it was for the baby!! Isn't that just hormonal??? Congrats on the test - that is wonderful!!!!!! Keep on growing, baby!!!