Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Greatest Man I Know

My husband is a great man. He is loving, caring, and kind. He is smart and a deep thinker. He is the hardest worker I've ever seen, and he has such a servant's heart! He has a Master's degree in something that he is passionate about, and he longs to be able to use his training and abilities to make a difference in God's Kingdom. God, however, is choosing to lead us through a time of waiting and uncertainty before He shows us how He plans to use Justin's amazing gifts. So my husband is humble enough that he is willing to take a job that he is WAAAAAY overqualified for so that he can provide for me and our coming son.

My precious husband has taken a job as a delivery driver at Pizza Hut, but he spends more time washing dishes and making pizzas than delivering them. However, I know my husband. When they ask him to mop the floor, he says "Sure." When they ask him to wash the dishes, he says "No problem." In fact, he probably just sees the dirty dishes and washes them without being asked, because that's the kind of guy he is. I guarantee he is the best worker Pizza Hut has, and they probably don't even recognize what a jewel he is.

It brings tears to my eyes to see my talented, amazing husband in a job like this that wears on his body and puts no use to his abilities. But he is so wonderful that he doesn't complain, and he just works as much as he can and brings home a paycheck. I am so proud of him.

The value of a man isn't judged by how much money he makes or how much power he has. A man's value is determined by his character, and that makes my husband the greatest man I know.

I love you so much, my sweetheart!

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