Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

We had a really nice Easter with family, and we actually took a couple pictures! (Thanks to Justin's mom who brought her camera!) So I thought I'd post them for your viewing pleasure. We went to church at Fellowship Church in Knoxville, where my sister-in-law (Nicole) and her family go. It was a nice service and very enjoyable. I needed something calm and quiet after yesterday...

Yesterday, Nicole, David (her husband), and I went to a special Easter presentation at a different church in Knoxville, and I have to say I did NOT enjoy it. It was really graphic and actually quite scary, but the biggest problem I had with it was that it was WAY TOO LOUD!!! I actually spent most of the service with my arms around my belly trying to protect Eli from the noise! When I got home, I got online and researched to see if a baby's hearing could be damaged by exposure like that in utero, and I found that it would only be a problem if it was all the time. (The uterus and amniotic fluid muffle most outside noise. Actually, the noise of my heart beating and other bodily functions are louder to him than pretty much anything going on outside of me.) So I'll rest assured that Eli won't suffer any permanent damage from yesterday... It'll take ME longer to get over than him. But he was REALLY active for the whole evening yesterday, so I think the noise did make some impact on him!

Anyways, after church this morning we headed to Sonny's Bar-B-Q, which is a favorite in the Tapp family. I had never had Sonny's until I married Justin, and I have to tell ya, I didn't know what I was missing. That's some really, REALLY good barbecue. So after lunch we took a few pictures to commemorate the day.

Justin & me. We hadn't realized it, but this is one of the only pictures we have of us together since I've been pregnant!

Nicole, David, and their son Joshua. I like this picture because David is wearing the outfit he wore as a groomsman in our wedding - he decided to wear it because it matched the outfit they got Joshua to wear. Aren't they cute?!

Joshua giggling with his Nana. I think this picture is adorable!

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Jackie said...

I went to an outdoor concert on St. Patty's day and stood behind Joey worried about the loud noise too! I'm glad that it's not going to cause damage! I think Fellowship is the church my sister goes to... I'll have to check. And on the "together" picture- we have 1- which means we need to make up for lost time and get more together! It took the two of us to get here right???