Friday, March 07, 2008

One "Hip" Little Dude!

In the past couple of weeks, my son has discovered his new favorite play toy: my left hip bone!!! He jabs and grabs that thing for all he's worth! Ouch! From what I can tell, he's still head down and face out, which means that it's his powerful right hook that's getting me in the left hip. He's one strong little sucker! Whenever he does it, I literally jerk to get away as if someone were jabbing me from the outside. Unfortunately, since he's doing it from the inside, he just moves with me and there's no getting away. I can usually dig my hand into my hip from the outside and dislodge his little fist, which gives me at least a few minutes of comfort before he moves it right back. My silly little man. :)

In other news, I have been reading about how you should talk, read, and sing to your babies in the womb because it will help them learn to recognize your voice and get comfort from you once they're outside the womb. I've been talking to him long before he could even hear me. But now I've decided to start reading Scripture to him during my morning quiet times. I've always enjoyed reading Scripture aloud - it helps me keep my focus and to really hear the meaning of the verse in a way I might not get just reading it silently. But now I can see benefits for Elias too! Not only do I want him to get used to the sound of me reading to him, but I think it's never to early to start soaking him in the Word of God! I love the thought that I can already be influencing his spiritual walk even before he is born!

And finally, don't forget that this Sunday is Daylight Savings Time! Make sure to Spring your clocks one hour forward, or else you might be arriving at church just as the service is ending! I'm posting this on here in the hopes that it will help me remember too!

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Mollie said...

Hopefully our little one is less 'hip'! I can't believe you're almost there already! It's still hard for me to believe that you're back from Moldova...back being relative since we haven't seen you! And I LOVE the name Elias!!! Such a good choice!