Monday, March 03, 2008

Our Life This Week

Today we had an appointment at the hospital for our tour of the birthing center where Elias will be born! So we got to see the birthing rooms and walked through the process of what it will be like when we're there just over 2 months from now! It's a beautiful facility, and I think it's going to be a great experience. They do a lot of the things I was hoping for, and so I'm very glad after this visit. We were also supposed to start our childbirth classes tonight, but our instructor has the flu. Sooooo, we'll be starting next week.

I haven't posted much recently because there isn't much to report! The only new thing I can think of in the life of me and Eli is that he's started getting the hiccups! It's usually at night when I'm laying in bed that I can feel them. Get those lungs strong in there, little man! :)

Besides that, the biggest news I have is that I actually cooked and ate salmon tonight... And I liked it! I've only eaten fish one other time since I've been pregnant, and it made me sick. But I started thinking maybe salmon might be ok, so I made barbecue salmon and it was great! Of course, anything in barbecue sauce is going to be good!


Jackie said...

glad to see you are still doing well- I have started to feel more and more movements and getting excited! We went to the dr. for the first time today and get to find out the gender next week!!! If we move to N.C., I'm definitely coming over there to visit you guys.

KarenD said...

Our doc said that hiccups in the womb mean the kid is well nourished and well oxygenated. Mine got them twice a day in utero. Now that he's out, he still gets them a lot... and with force! Doc says there's not much you can do about them, although someone recommended Gripe Water? Anyway, we just watch Ian's little body convulse with each hiccup and listen to that cute little squeak.