Friday, September 18, 2009

Check, Check

Last week, we had a block party at church and our praise band played while we ate. The band was setting up, and they were doing mic checks. Well, Elias thought it was HILARIOUS when they said "Check, check" into the microphone. According to Justin (I missed it.), he was absolutely cracking up! And ever since then, he'll walk around at home saying "Sa, sa," which is his version of "Check, check." I caught it on video, but it isn't quite as funny since I'm prompting him to say it. Usually he just busts it out on his own. But here it is nonetheless!


Jessica said...

I love the way he just wanders around. Cracks me up!

Scowden Fam said...

ahhhh... that's great! So he'll be up on a stage someday, then, huh? :) so cute!