Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Keeps Getting Bigger!

We had Elias' 15-month checkup today, and he just keeps getting bigger! Here are today's stats:

Weight: 31 lbs, 2 oz (99%)
Length: 33.5" (95%)
Head: 19.25" (90%)

Such a big boy! Not sure how accurate any of the measurements actually are because he's going through a huge stranger anxiety phase right now and he panics any time anybody besides me or Justin touches him. So you can guess that it wasn't easy getting him weighed and measured. I do know he's a big 'un, though, so these measurements seem close enough to me!

So this quite possibly may have been our hardest visit yet, at least for me. He's just SUCH a busy boy, all over the place. He wants to be up, exploring everything, touching everything, climbing on everything. I've always seen "those moms," you know, the harassed and harried ones that just can't seem to get a break because their kid is completely out of control, and I've looked on them with pity. And I was a little sad to realize that today in the waiting room, I was that mom. The other kids waiting were all either much older or much younger than Elias, and therefore not at the all-over-the-place stage.

Combine that with four vaccinations AND his terror at being touched, looked at, or even talked to by the nurses and doctor, and it was a hard visit. I'm praying his stranger anxiety passes because this is really rough. The doctor was very comforting, though, that it's perfectly normal, there's nothing we have done to cause it, and there's nothing we can do to help it besides just wait for him to grow out of it. Sheesh. Hopefully we won't have to go to the doctor again for a while, and by then he'll be grown out of it!


Katie said...

Wow, he is a big boy! He's nearly 10 pounds heavier and about 2 inches taller than C was at her 15-month checkup. And I can relate to the "all-over-the-place" feeling. I got lucky that C was mesmerized by babies and some toy in the ped's waiting room at her 15-month checkup so that she wasn't quite so "everywhere." While waiting for the doc to come into the exam room, I just let C roam the room and turned on some music on my cell phone's MP3 player to make it seem like a fun place to be. Plus I brought her special hanky along in case she needed it. She did fine for the most part.

Anonymous said...


Wow. Joshua went to the doctor last week for high fever (turned out to be Roseola.. scary), and was 29.5 lbs at 33 months. :)

And, he has been all over the place since he could walk at 12 months. They do slow down though. He can now sit still for longer periods of time. Also, he had stranger anxiety so bad for what seemed like so long, that has subsided as well just within the last 6 months. Hang in there!

love ya,


Kristy said...

He is big! I'll know tomorrow how 2 year old Price measures up! I know what you mean about the doctors office. I dread going. I usually try to bring a bag of toys and books he hasn't seen in a while. It helps a little! I also always try to have Daddy go with us! I know it's not always possible but another set of hands sure are helpful!