Monday, September 21, 2009

Cracker Crusher

Now that Elias has plenty of teeth (all 4 molars!), we're wanting him to start learning how to take a bite out of food and chew it instead of us having to cut and break everything up for him. I decided to start with a nice crumbly cracker so that even if he did put too much in his mouth, it wouldn't be hard to chew it up. So the first time I gave him a whole cracker, he just took bites and chewed them up like he'd been doing it his whole life! So then the second time, I put up the video camera because I wanted to capture what a natural he was in eating a whole cracker. But he didn't do it the same way. Instead, he discovered that he could break it with his fist and crush it into smithereens. He got a big kick out of this, and I did too because he would work SO HARD to crush that cracker! He gets a frown of concentration and his whole arm shakes with the effort! Hilarious! So here it is:

Such a big and strong boy! So for a few weeks after he discovered this, he didn't eat any more crackers - just crumbled them to death. However, today for the first time he ate a cracker normally again... So maybe the novelty of using his brute strength to annihilate the cracker wore off.

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