Saturday, September 19, 2009

Surprise Coat

We got such an unexpected surprise in the mail yesterday! My grandmother who lives near Chicago works at a thrift store in her church, and occasionally she finds some great deals that are awesome for us. So she apparently found this coat in Elias' size and sent it to us! I had been looking for a good winter coat for Elias and hadn't found anything yet, and here she sent us this one for free! It came from a thrift store, but it looks brand new! It has a cute detachable hood, and the hood even had a detachable fur lining! It's got a warm red fleece lining, and even knit cuffs in the sleeves and neck! This is going to be good for some SERIOUS playing in the snow this year! It's a tad big right now, but that means it'll be perfect for this winter when he's bigger and wearing heavier clothes under it. So THANK you, Grandma Ellie!!!!!

P.S. In this picture, he's making his new cute scrunchy smile face! He does this whenever I pull out the camera now... Silly boy.

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