Monday, January 04, 2010

Family's Visit, Part 1 (Fantastic Caverns)

My family came into town last weekend, and I have a whole slew of pictures to post! In order to spare you all, I'll split it up into several posts. But we had a great time together, and I'm so thankful they braved the weather and the long car trip to come for a visit! My mom came along with my sister, brother-in-law (Matt), and two nephews (Patriot - 5 and Azlan - 3). Dad, unfortunately, couldn't get off work to come, but he was with us in spirit! I guess I'll do the pictures chronologically.

They arrived late on Sunday night, so I was the only one up late enough to welcome them! The next morning, we got up and went to Fantastic Caverns, which turned out to be really neat! It's a cave about 30 minutes from our house where you get on a wagon and ride through, so it's safe to take the little ones, who LOVED it! Here are Matt, Justin, Elias, and me in the wagon ready to enter the cave:It was COLD outside, like in the 20s, but the temperature is 60 degrees year-round in the cave. So it was quite comfortable once we got underground! Azlan, Patriot, and Mom are excited to be in there!We rode right past the coolest formations - it was beautiful and educational too!

Then once we made it home, it was naptime for the boys, followed by snack time. When you're with family, even snacking together is fun!
That night, we put in the P90X workout DVD's that my sister had brought because Justin and I wanted to try them. Boy, did we get good workouts! Mom took a picture of us all working out together, but I'm afraid my family may murder me if I post it on the internet... Soooo, I'll just have to leave that one for your imagination! (By the way, we LOVED the P90X workouts and are considering purchasing them for ourselves! Talk about a challenge!)

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Jan said...

Chicken!! You should have posted the P90X picture. It just shows that we're not glamorous ALL the time! :-)

Sure did have a fun trip. Thanks so much for hosting us.