Monday, January 25, 2010

Branson, Part 3 (Butterfly Palace)

There was really only one touristy-type thing that we did while we were in Branson (besides shopping and visiting the IMAX - Avatar in 3D at the IMAX was absolutely breathtaking! But I digress...), and that was visiting the Butterfly Palace. This place was really cool! They have an introductory movie telling about the life cycle of a butterfly, and then you walk into this rainforest where there are hundreds of butterflies flying around!We were there for their winter display, which is all white butterflies and red flowers. I didn't think about it that day when I got dressed, but wearing a red shirt made the butterflies just LOVE me!They got really "attached" (ha ha) to my mother-in-law's glasses, too!They also seemed drawn to our cameras - they must be pretty used to the spotlight!You had to watch where you were stepping because sometimes there were butterflies just chilling on the floor!As a part of the special White Flight winter display, they also have one of their employees dress up like a statue and pose whenever visitors are there. So she was really neat looking! She came out while we were there, or else we wouldn't have even known she was alive - it really would've freaked us out when she moved her arms! But she stood so still that the butterflies often perched on her. I think that's a neat job to have!

They also had a huge poinsettia tree, and so we took a family portrait in front of it.And I thought Elias looked so sweet standing in front of the bench like the wings were his! My precious boy.On the way out, they have a three-way mirror so you can check and make sure you don't have any butterflies stowing away. Elias thought the fellow looking back at him was very handsome, too!

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