Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Family's Visit, Part 2 (Jump Mania)

The next day we went to Springfield and went to Jump Mania in the morning. What a neat place! It's just full of all these inflatable slides and bouncy houses. It only cost the kids $5 to get in for unlimited play, and the adults who came with them were free. Even better, Elias was under 2 so he was free too! We will definitely be going back there! The boys absolutely LOVED it, and the adults didn't have such a bad time either!

This is the first time Elias has been in an inflatable like this, but it didn't take him long to get the lay of the land.Bouncing is serious business!There was a special section for toddlers, and Elias had fun playing in that one too. You can see Mommy and Daddy in the background trying to coax him to actually go down the slide on the other side. He eventually did and he liked it!Playing with Cousin Azlan in the toddler area.
His favorite part about the toddler area, though, was the big doggie that had its tongue hanging out! Here he is bonding with a new friend over their mutual love for the doggie.Grandma took her big boys down the big slide! At the top:At the bottom!
Grandma worked REALLY hard to try to get all three boys in one shot... This is the best she got - not too bad!After he had his fill of bouncing, Elias discovered this slide they had, and he just did it OVER AND OVER again. He's never done a slide by himself before, but he learned how today! So Jump Mania turned out to be a big hit!


Grace said...

So very cool!I'll have to keep that in mind for next month.We aren't far from each other.

Corrie said...

That looks like CRAZY fun! Clara would love something like that. I'll have to investigate and see if there is one anywhere around here or maybe near my parents' house!