Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Off the Face of the Earth?

Ok, so if there are any of you lovely blog readers still out there, you may have wondered if I have fallen off the face of the earth! No, we're all still here and doing just fine. I just haven't made it on here to blog in a while!

You remember how I wrote here that motherhood was no longer stressful or exhausting now that Elias is no longer a newborn? (Did any of you mothers of older children snicker at that?) Uh, yeah. I think Elias must have read that and taken it as a personal challenge to step up his game! Terrible two's have ARRIVED! And really, I don't have anything to complain about. Even as a terrible two-er, Elias is awesome and loving and well-behaved and friendly... most of the time. (And have I mentioned lately how handsome and brilliant he is??) But he's also learning about independence and MAJORLY pushing boundaries. We have entered the world of deliberate disobedience and throwing tantrums. They are not very often, but they come without warning and completely throw off this mommy who likes her predictability.

So that's where we are these days. I still think I have the single most precious child on the face of the earth, but he's just a growing child who's learning how to be his own person, and that's hard for all of us. But I DO intend to get back to blogging VERY soon!!!


Kristy said...

So funny that you posted this. I was thinking about you today and wondering how ya'll were doing. Hope you get back to updating soon. Believe me, we know ALL ABOUT the 2's!!

Jessi said...

I hate to break it to you, but, as Bob says, "Whoever coined the phrase terrible twos didn't survive until the kid was three." Three is worse and four is bliss. Good luck!

Grace said...

And then they get into the double digits and puberty comes along.....My son is much worse then my daughter :0)

Jessica said...

I totally agree with Jessi. With both boys, three has been worse, but about 2 weeks before Patriot's 4th birthday he suddenly became a nice boy.

Just remember to be strong and stay in charge. Some days it's tempting to say "Just wait til your father gets home" and let him deal with it. But you're teaching E now that you are also to be respected.

In our house, the conversation goes like this:
"Who's in charge?"
"And when Daddy isn't around, who's in charge?"

Good luck!

Nicki W. said...

heehee! just when you "figure out" one stage, they throw you a curve ball! some days are so great and then there are the other days! haha!! xoxo

Mama Bear said...

Oh, Joni...terrible two's, three's, - they aren't nuthin' compared to when he will be 17, dating and driving...some days I LOONNNGGGGG for the two and three year-olds!!!

Andrew's Mommy said...

Oh, Joni!

This post made me smile. Kids are so funny!! I am sure you are growing Elias up into a wonderful young man. this stage was VERY difficult for Mickey, while I think it was one of my favorites. I got to see Andrew learn to think for himself, but Mickey, who relishes in calmness and control (good way), had a hard time b/c all of a sudden around 2 years old, Andrew didn't want to just do what we wanted him to do anymore. He wanted to do what HE wanted to do and discovered that he could try. All of a sudden, closer to 3 for us, he seems to "get" it. He's become a mannered, mostly pleasant and cooperative kid. We had a good tough, tight-reigned time (8-10 months!) where we didn't often get to restaurants and such, but now it's good b/c we spent an intense ammount of time teaching him how to behave. God is faithful! Good luck! Love you guys.

Jill :)

Andrew's Mommy said...

PS - We would have probably gone out more anyway, but being that I was pregnant during that time, I was tired! Raising the boys is great. I can see a light at the end of the tunnel now that Nathan sleeps well and is almost 1. God is so good and so faithful, isn't he?

Katie said...

I was about to ask you where you were finding all this free time and how I can go about getting some! lol Aside from naptime (only if I don't have something else to do) and after she goes to bed, I'm lucky if C is content to play by herself for a while without me putting the TV on something she likes. These days, if I sit down in the living room while she plays, she immediately brings me a book to read to her. Then another. Then another.