Monday, February 08, 2010

Monkey on the Couch Cushions

Last week we were stuck inside for several days due to illness and weather. So I was getting a little desperate trying to find ways to keep my child entertained. Some friends suggested building a fort with couch cushions, but I thought that was a little beyond my little guy's skills. Instead, I just piled them all on the floor so he could climb on them! MAJOR FUN!He jumped, climbed, bonked his head into the cushions, and threw them around. We will definitely do this again.Side note: One of Elias' new favorite things to do is repeatedly bonk his head into the couch cushions. I've read that this is normal toddler behavior, but it freaks me out sometimes! And it hurts when he decides to use ME as the target for his head-bonking!

At one point he was jumping on the cushions, and he started saying the rhyme "Five little monkeys jumping on the bed..." Well, he can't say the whole rhyme, but you hear something about bumping a head and a doctor, and then he says "No, no, monkey!" Very cute. So I pulled out the video camera to catch him saying the rhyme. You do get a bit of the rhyme in this video, but it's more the infamous head-bonking. So enjoy!


Jan said...

I still say he is the busiest little guy I've ever seen!! Great pictures!

KarenD said...

Ian's first fort was around 20 months. But your little head banger might knock down a fort. I wasn't so much as concerned with Ian's "skills" but my own... John builds the forts around here.