Friday, February 26, 2010

Elias' New Car

We got a big box in the mail yesterday... Nana and Granddad bought Elias his first car! (Well, really it's more like a 4-wheeler, but he calls it a car.) Thankfully it's not motorized - it just runs on foot power. Here he is playing with it:

You'll note that he likes to sit on it sideways:Or backwards:But he refuses to sit on it forwards. Go figure. He also likes to sit beside it and play with the buttons. In the video, you'll also hear him pointing out the stickers on the side, which he really likes!

THANK YOU, Nana and Granddad, for the fun new toy!

I also left in the clip where he got distracted by the camera and just kept saying "picture" over and over again. He LOVES it when I take a picture of him and then let him look at it on the camera. He'll look at the picture and say "Elias John!" as if to say "That's me!" Very cute.

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