Sunday, March 14, 2010

I Walk Around

I have no idea where Elias got this, but he suddenly likes to grab a toy and then walk around the house saying "I walk around. I'm walkin'. I walk, walk, walk!" He'll seriously do this for 15 minutes. What a hoot!

I have no idea why he needs to hold Tippy the Turtle behind his back while he's walkin'. My favorite part is at the end when he flops on the couch and says "I'm sleepin'!"

This does show, though, how he's doing great at making sentences. He says things like "I want to," and "More crackers, please." I am so proud of how quickly he's learning!

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John said...

That's amazing that Tippy is still around and being productive. I think I bought him for a sermon illustration while at Mallard Point and then he went to Poland with us... now he's Elias' good friend. (That is... if it's the same Tippy?)

Joni said...

Dad, that is the same Tippy! I knew he used to be yours, but I didn't remember that he was a sermon illustration... Awesome! (What was the sermon about? I'll use Tippy to teach the same thing to Elias...) Elias loves Tippy - we even brought him with us on vacation this week.