Sunday, March 14, 2010

Swish, Swash, Swoosh

Elias is growing up so fast! It's really a shame I don't blog more because he is just a piece of work! We've been battling illness around here - both me and Elias - for the past month, so that has just had me in survival mode. (Justin hasn't been sick at all... He claims he drinks his coffee so strong that no germs can survive in his body!) Anyhow, I'm going to try to do a marathon tonight of video editing and blog posting, so expect several blogs in a row here!

Elias likes to steal my kitchen towels and the arm covers off the couch. He loves to play peekaboo under them, or he likes it when I drape a towel over his head and he shakes his head until it falls off. Here's a video of two other things he likes to do with them. He'll hold one in each hand and twirl around saying "Twirl, twirl, twirl!" or he'll swing them back and forth and say "Swish, swash, swoosh!" So silly!

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