Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Spring Break, Part 2 - Big Boy Toys

The one thing that Elias always associates with Granddad is a tractor. Granddad has given Elias a couple toy tractors, and if you ask him who drives them, he'll always say Granddad. (See old video here.) So imagine his delight when we actually got to see Granddad's REAL tractor!Here's a video of him riding on it with Daddy. He even gets to steer the wheel, and he says "Up" and "Down" when Daddy controls the bucket.

Then in the garage behind the tractor, Justin found the little red wagon that he used to play on when he was a little boy. So he took Elias for a spin on that too.Here's a short video of Elias saying "Whee!" during the ride. He thought it was fun!

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