Sunday, March 14, 2010

Yummy for the Tummy

Elias is talking SO MUCH! He's doing great at echoing whatever we say, and he's learning how to express himself with words too. This gives me hope that at some point he'll be able to express his needs WITHOUT throwing a tantrum first!

We always exclaim over his food about how yummy it is as he's eating, and I recently taught him to say "Yummy for the tummy!" (Well, he says "Yummy the tummy," but I think that's close enough.) He always associates that with Elmo because he has an Elmo toy where you can press his body parts and he'll say the name out loud, and tummy is one of them.

When I took this video, he has just eaten breakfast and was playing in the kitchen, and he was saying "Yummy the tummy!" over and over again.

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