Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Father's Day

For Father's Day this year, we decided to make our zoo trip an annual event, because our zoo lets in fathers free on that day! (You can click here to remember last year's trip.) It's funny because we think that Elias was even LESS interested in the animals this year than he was last year. The bongos got a slight grin out of him:And he liked the elephants:Other than that, he didn't give a hoot. He did love the misters that sprayed water to help keep us cool:And the hit of the century was the zoo TRAIN! There was a conductor who said "All aboard!" and Elias was just thrilled!He heard the whistle blow from across the zoo and had no interest in anything but finding the train. So we took a ride on the train, and he LOVED it! His eyes were wide in awe.

He looks more scared than anything in the video, but I think he was just so overwhelmed with wonder! He was clutching his Thomas toy, and he had the sweetest smile when he said "Choo, choo!" This is the closest I got to capturing it:Precious!

So we had a really special day celebrating Daddy. I am so thankful that my son has such a great Daddy, and I look forward to seeing their relationship blossom as Elias grows. I love you, babe!

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Jan said...

Awesome!! He is getting so big....I can't wait to see him TODAY!!! Maybe we won't plan a zoo trip, but instead try to find a train to get on. Can't wait 'til this evening.