Sunday, August 15, 2010

Favorite Books

I am thrilled to report that Elias LOVES to read, and he's already doing great with knowing his letters and phonics. (We have Super Why to thank for most of the phonics he knows!) He's at the stage now where he has a few favorite books that he wants to read over and over and OVER AND OVER... You get the idea. So I thought I'd post a few of his current favorites.

Llama Llama Red Pajama
This is also Mommy's favorite of his books. We actually got this free from the hospital when he was born, so it's one of the first books he ever owned! There is a whole series of Llama Llama books, but this is the only one we've read yet. I LOVE it, though, because it rhymes, has adorable illustrations, and tells a VERY appropriate story for my little man at the moment. The little llama goes to bed and then throws a tantrum because he misses his mom and she doesn't come right away when he calls. Elias likes to jump around when Baby Llama jumps, and Elias will run around the room when Mama Llama comes running to her baby. My favorite part of the book is when she bursts into the room afraid there's something terribly wrong, and finding that he's fine, says:
Baby llama, what a tizzy!
Sometimes Mama's very busy.
Please stop all this llama drama
And be patient for your mama!

Little llama, don't you know
Mama Llama loves you so?
Mama Llama's always near
Even when she's not right here.
I get a little emotional sometimes at the sentiment! I want my own little llama to know that I'm always going to love him and be there for him even he doesn't see me right in front of him.

Anyways, moving on.

Thomas and Friends Railway Book Box
This is actually four books, but he loves them all, so I'm counting it as one. It includes Go, Train, Go!; Stop, Train, Stop!; A Crack in the Track!; and Blue Train, Green Train. Hard to go wrong when it's got cute stories that rhyme, board books that little hands can't destroy, and a nifty box with velcro that it's fun to open and close! Not to mention that they're all about his hero, Thomas. This was a gift from his Nana, and he loves it!

Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?
He has this one memorized and can quote it without looking at the pictures at all. He does two cute things with this book. First, there is a place where it talks about a green frog. At that point, he'll run to his toy shelf and grab the green Build-A-Bear frog that his cousins stuffed for him for Christmas last year! His favorite part of the book, though, is the end where the children are looking at the teacher. He just loves the page with all the children's faces, and he'll stare at that page. He likes to count the children. (There are nine of them. I've counted them enough times, I can attest to that!) This was another gift from Nana and Granddad - they're good at picking the hits! :)

The Princess and the Pea StoryChimes
This one kind of cracks me up, but Elias loves it! This is a book that Justin has on his iPod, and Elias loves reading it! Last night it was time to go to bed, and Elias was just wailing "Princess and the Pea! Princess and the Pea!" because he wanted to read it again. I don't know if it has anything to do with the fact that he likes the Princess Pea character on Super Why or not...

Now, Louie!
This is another iPod story, and we all just love it! It's very short, but it's SO CUTE!!!!! It's about a disobedient kitty named Louie. There are a couple of very quotable lines that Elias will walk around saying all the time, including "Louie, you maniac!" and "Ay ay ay!"

So anyways, those are just a couple of our current favorites. Justin will probably comment with some that I've forgotten... I'm just so proud of my little reader, and I want to encourage his love of books as much as I can!

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JDTapp said...

His dad is particularly proud of the Brown Bear book because it is banned by the Texas State Board of Education. The link is sad, but true.