Saturday, August 14, 2010

Oh No! Computer

Elias has a little toy laptop computer that has all sorts of spelling, math, and music games. He can't actually play any of them, but he loves to push the buttons, and he can identify letters. He discovered, though, that the math games on this computer were his very favorite. Now, he is a genius, but he can't quite do math yet. However, when he would get a question wrong, the computer would lament with something like "Oh no!" or "Uh oh!" Elias thought this was HILARIOUS!!! So he would turn on the math game over and over again and just hit the button so that the computer would grieve his wrong answer. Here's a video of it:

Unfortunately for all of us, Elias is really rough on toy laptops, and he broke this one not long after this video was taken. Sooooooo, this is no longer a source of joy at our house. This laptop was a 25-cent yard sale find, so I'm doubting we'll be able to replace it. I might do some searching online, though, and see what I can find! In the meantime, though, hopefully it'll entertain you all!

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Sara said...

Hearing Elias' giggles is priceless!